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What’s the deal with ‘Teen Mom OG’ star’s Ryan and Maci?

Maci's restraining order on Ryan has been lifted

The restraining order on Ryan Edwards from Maci Bookout has been lifted…but what does that mean for the two?

Credit The Sun

With the restraining order lifted, Edwards can now see Bookout…but Edwards isn’t exactly thrilled to resume contact with his estranged wife and son. Edwards elaborated that he wasn’t sure he wanted to bring some aspects of Bookout back into his life:
“She did an order of protection with about 30 lies last time, so I just don’t feel the need to speak to her and bring some of that back into my life,”
The hostile tensions and lack of communication have resulted in far less time with Bentley.
Bookout issued the restraining order against Edwards back in May of 2018, which was to last two years. At the moment she and her husband Taylor McKinney filed two orders of protection against Edwards. The first filing was McKinney versus Edwards with the second being Bookout and her three children against Edwards.
The issues were a result of a voicemail that had Edwards threatening to show up to the house and take her sons. Bookout also claimed that Edwards made threats to show up and hurt her if she didn’t answer her phone.
Bookout would also file a claim that involved Edwards showing up to her son’s baseball under the influence of heroin which resulted in him getting in her face and threatening to hurt her.
The restraining order was agreed upon between Edwards and his attorney Jonathan Turner: “We did agree to a restraining order where Ryan will not go within 100 feet of Maci and her current husband and their two children. Ryan has no exclusions with Bentley and is still able to see his son under the new restraining order. This gives Ryan a lot more protection against any false allegations, allows him to avoid getting arrested without a hearing first, and allows him to be around his son most importantly.”
Ryan would state that he agreed to the terms in hopes that everyone would eventually forgive one another moving forward, with the end hopes of seeing his son.



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