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What Really Happened With The Celebrity Housewives Daughter Who Was Awarded Millions In Rape Case

A California Orange County court ordered the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to pay $2.25 million to the daughter of a former “Real Housewives of Orange County” cast member who was sexually assaulted by a former sheriff’s deputy while he was on duty.

Alexa Curtin claimed that she was raped by an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy who pulled her over. Deputy “Epson” pulled the vehicle over and found some underwear. He then began to act weird said, Curtin. Deputy “Epson,” told her to hang tight. The deputy returned about 20 minutes later. “This time he was in his personal vehicle, and out of uniform.The deputy got into her vehicle and told Curtin to get naked, which she did because she “feared for her own safety,” she said.

The deputy touched her then pulled his pants down and ordered her “to ride him,”. It turns out she is a Porn Star and the deputy claims that the sex was mutual.

Do you think this was a setup by Curtin or a total rape case? Comment, Share and let us know your thoughts!








  1. That’s a tough one, I don’t want to assume she wasn’t raped because she was a porn star. Not sure I understand why she waited for him to come back though. I think I would have called the police station and told them he left me there and did I have to wait.


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