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Tyler Perry Donating $100k to Breonna Taylor’s BF’s Defense

Perry's generous donation is setting Kenneth Walker and his cause on the right foot

Tyler Perry just supported Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker in the best way possible. Donating a staggering $100,000 to Walker’s legal defense fund that he started on GoFundMe.

Credit ABC News

Walker is in the process of going to court against Louisville PD officer Jonathan Mattingly who was shot in the crossfire during the raid on Ken and Breonna’s house. Walker started the GoFundMe with an end goal of $100k. On Sunday, Perry contributed to Walker’s fund in four separate installments. The Hollywood star donated two sets of $10k, one of $50k and a final installment of $30k. The healthy donation put Walker well over his goal.

Credit CNN

Originally, Mattingly sued Walker for emotional stress and trauma, after criminal charges were against Walker were dropped. Mattingly’s lawsuit is the same as the investigation into Breonna’s death. Walker and many neighbors state that the police failed to announce themselves upon entering the couple’s apartment. The cops disagree.
Regardless, it seems as though Walker is off to the right start to get what he wants done.



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