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Tristan Thompson in trouble, caught texting, BUSTED again

Thompson has asked for the alleged texts from the Instagram Model

As some of you may know, Instagram model Sydney Chase has put NBA Celtics star under the scope.
The model accused the basketball player of having sex with her when Tristan had gotten back with Khole Kardashian.
In response to the allegations. Tristan has hired attorney Marty Singer to take matters into his hands. Tristan is now asking for proof of the text messages between the two. Apparently, Sydney is refusing to prove of the existence of the alleged text messages which can only lead to one thing:
“inescapable conclusion… that they do not exist.”
Tristan had filed a cease on Sydney, claiming that the two never had a relationship and that he never sent her any text messages. Sydney would deny that she had received any form of text message from Tristan.
Sydney would state that she would get the cease in desist with the following on her social media outlets.

Credit Instagram

Marty Singer believes that this is all a ploy from Sydney to get her fifteen minutes of fame…but if anything she’s risking a lawsuit.



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