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The Rock Smells What Tyrese Is Cooking ” Black Piece Of Dog ____ “


Well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can apparently smell what Tyrese Gibson is cooking.  He claims Gibson’s new album, “Black Rose” is like “black dog s—“.  He reemphasizes several times in his recent Instagram video in a condescending, cynical way that Gibson’s’ new album is “black dog s—“. The album itself is called ” Black Rose “. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and turn this into some racial attack. Ok!

Gibson even apologized to Johnson on social media recently, despite several attacks on The Rock’s character, amid his apparent mental health crisis.  But Rock, you should know better.  Don’t kick a man while he’s down.  Tyrese could end up in a psych ward and you want to go on Instagram and throw a jab at a man three times smaller than you?  Yes, you are a physical force to be reckoned with, but Tyrese got those Arab connections.  I wouldn’t mess with him if I were you.  He might not presently be able to defeat you in the mind, but there are several ways to win a victory in war.



Although, one can’t be entirely disgusted with what The Rock did by taking to social media to throw a jab at Gibson.  After all, Gibson threw at least two or three jabs before the Rock struck back.  But in all honesty, not that this really matters; I don’t even think the Rock heard Tyrese’s music.  I think he just wanted to prove he’s not soft, and wouldn’t back down in war.  But to down your own people by calling their music “black dog —-” is just low and flat out pathetic, in my opinion.  It totally changes my perspective on The Rock as a human being; appearing snobby, overconfident, and insecure.  Maybe this new exclusive offer he could be getting through the new Fast and Furious movie is getting to his head.  Get better soon Tyrese, so you can show the Rock what you’re really cooking.

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