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The Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth

It is essentially a list of what they claim are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Two things surprised me about this clip.  For one: sharks didn’t make the list, and for two: there was such a wide range of animals that did indeed make the list that it really made me question how safe a trip to the beach is, or if it’s really worth taking that nature walk in the forest.  The video even humorously added at the end, that if you want to stay safe, you should just stay inside.

I will now rank the animals from deadly to deadliest including an honorable mention that they started with.

Number 12 is 

a Deathstalker scorpion; responsible for 75% of scorpion attacks.


Number 11 is 

a Carpet Viper snake that is the snake that kills the biggest number of people yearly.


Number 10 is 

a Cone Snail.  One drop of their blood can end 20 human lives.


Number 9 is  

a Stonefish.  If you encounter one of these in the ocean, you will probably lose a leg according to the video.


Number 8 is  

an Africanized Honey Bee.  These are not necessarily poisonous but tend to attack in large numbers.


Number 7 is  

a Brazilian Wandering Spider and is prevalent amongst busy places where people, houses, and cars tend to conjugate.


Number 6 is   

a “Black Mamba” snake (Kobe Bryant anyone?) whose poison can kill in as little as 30 minutes if not seen by a doctor in that amount of time.


Number 5 is   

a poison dart frog.  Yes, a frog; that is very bright.  According to the video, the brightest things in nature tend to be the deadliest.


Number 4 is   

a Tse Tse fly, which sucks blood and can transmit a disease that kills 250,000 people yearly.


Okay time for the top three: number 3 is   


a Blue-Ringed Octopus.  This octopus’s bites and leaves the victim paralyzed.


Number 2 is   

the infamous, Komodo Dragon, which tends to reside in isolated places.


Finally, the winner of most dangerous creatures, goes to   


the box jellyfish.  I will leave you in suspense about what makes this creature the deadliest according to “Bright Side”.



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