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Tensions between 21 Savage 6ix9ine and Wack 100

Tensions got pretty insane between 21 Savage and 6ix9ine on Thursday during a Clubhouse event when Wack 100 threatened to whoop Savage’s ass.

The issues arose when Savage accused Wack of being “lame” for appearing with 6ix9ine on the debut episode of Akademiks Off the Record podcast earlier this week.

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Here’s the vicious exchange:

“I’d say you lame for agreeing with anything that n***a [6ix9ine] say,” Savage snapped.

“OK, so when you say, ‘lame,’ ’cause y’all lingo a little different, what you mean by ‘I’m lame,’ what you mean?” Wack demanded.

“Like I don’t agree with it,” Savage replied. “I just feel like a gangsta and a rat can’t agree on nothing in life. I don’t give a damn how right a n***a is.”

“So a gangsta and a rat shouldn’t communicate, right?” Wack inquired.

“Not really ’cause of the industry that we in, I say, like, I wouldn’t really say that,” Savage said. “But I say I ain’t finna agree with what no n***a say about no other n***a like how you said that you agree with him that I was s’posed to run up on him in the club. First of all, on my kids, I did not see that n***a in the club.”

Wack would unfortunately choose the whack route which would be violence.

“21, respectfully nephew, I know you and we always been solid,” Wack 100 explained. “Me and you both know if you was standing in front me right now, you wouldn’t have that energy. N***a, I will beat yo muthafuckin’ little ass, you little biddy ass boy!”

“I will beat yo muthafuckin’ ass, n***a,” Wack added. “We can get down, Blood! I come to Atlanta, you can come to L.A. We can get down wherever you want to get down — I will beat yo ass! You gonna respect me, n***a and you getting outta line. I will fuck you up, n***a!

It would seem as though Savage would take Wack’s threats in stride, simply telling Wack to “say less”.

Eventually, Savage would reveal that he wasn’t feeling what Wack was saying to him with Savage eventually saying he didn’t pick and choose his fights, his hands are ready for whoever wants them.

Check out the video below!



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