Tensions Arise between Love After Lockup Lacy Whitlow and Teen Mom Javi Marroquin

Lacy Whitlow brought up an incident between the two when she was a cam model on Chaturbate


A feud has started between Javi Marroquin of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fame and ‘Love After Lockup’s’ star Lacy Whitlow.

At the moment Javi Marroquin is with Lauren Comeau as the two share 23-month-old son, Eli.

But alleged tensions have come up between the two when Marroquin’s ex, Kailyn Lowry accused Marroquin of asking to have sex with her when he was engaged to Comeau. Now, ‘Love After Lockup’s’ Lacy Whitlow’s name can be thrown into the mix.

The feud between the two was sparked when Lacy responded to a Tweet that Javi posted. In the post, Javi detailed how he went through a rough time after Kailyn claimed he tried to have sex with her while he was engaged to Lauren. Lacy’s response was as follows:

“Lmao he’s always been a player! He use to watch me LIVE on webcam and would snap chat video himself all while in a relationship!! I’m not surprised…. he’s just sorry his baby momma put him out on National TV.” This was followed by three laughing emojis. It finished with the words, “He played himself.”

Credit Twitter/Lacey Whitlow

Lacy used to be a webcam model on Chaturbate, and went by the name Kaci Kash.

Fans asked Lacy to elaborate on the matter and she didn’t hold back any punches against Javi:

“Girl I’m telling you this was b4 I was on tv, I was just a chaturbate cam model. Lmao. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But he was trying to get me to meet him, such a creep.”Javi responded with the following:

Credit Twitter/Javi M

Lacy responded with the following Tweet:

“I don’t need clout, if I needed clout I would of said something BEFORE I was on TV. You’d be surprised how many “celebs” hit up cam girls…not putting any names out most don’t get caught n actually pay great, but u know when u beg for free s**t n your already being outted…”

The feud between the two hasn’t simmered down in any way and it’s still a question if Javi and Lauren are on good terms.


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