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‘Teen Mom’s’ Mackenzie Mckee Opens Up About Her Mom’s Passing On Her 1 Year Anniversary

Mackenzie opened up in an emotional Instagram Post

One year ago today, Mackenzie Mckee’s mother Angie, passed away after a battle with cancer for two years.

McKee opened up about her Mom’s passing in a touching Instagram post:

“1 year ago today I watched you take your last breath on earth. A whole year without my glue. Have you ever tried to fix a broken glass object without glue? That’s how this year was for me. I grew more than ever. Cried more than ever, a lot of days I didn’t even get out of bed, but also I fought to do and be better more than ever,”

She went on to thank her Mom for always believing and loving her:

“Thank you for remind me until the day you left earth that I matter and to reach for the stars.”

She concluded: “Everyday I strive to make you proud. And thank you for choosing your last days on earth inspiring this world. You are missed momma bear.”

Credit: Mackenzie Mckee Instagram

On December 9th 2019, Angie Mckee took her last breath. Her passing came three days after she decided to stop treatment after cancer in her brain and liver had grown.

A few month’s after her Mom’s passing, Mckee spoke to PEOPLE on how she was determined to carry on her Mom’s legacy:

“I miss her every day. I’m doing a lot right now to get closure. The fact that the world gets to see who my mom was and that so many people care, it does help.”

Mckee spoke on how she didn’t leave her Mom’s side.

“She left a very powerful impact. She spent her whole life loving hard and loving no matter what. She was always by your side, everything you went through, good or bad,” said McKee. “And then, in the end, it was her turn to be surrounded by the people who love her. We were there for her and we didn’t leave.”

“We slept there, we stayed up all night,” she added. “And we held her until the end. She had us holding her until her last breath.”



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