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Teen Mom: The Escalating Conflict Between Amber and Kristina

The animosity between the two continues to escalate

Fans are more than aware of the escalating drama between Amber and Kristina, with poor little Leah at the center of all of these shenanigans.
The drama escalated earlier this season when Leah made it known to Gary that she didn’t want Amber at her birthday party, stating that in regards to Amber:

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“Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything. That’s kind of been Kristina’s spot.”
Harsh…but the kid’s not exactly wrong. Leah would eventually invite Amber, as Gary suggested it was the right thing to do (it was), and Amber would respond by not going entirely.Kristina would reply to all of this:
“I’m just the bonus mom.”
Amber and Gary would view this scene with Dr. Drew and Nessa and it’s clear that Amber was pretty hurt by Kristina’s response. She believed that Kristina could have “said a bit more.” Amber would bring the focus in on herself (as she normally does):
“Sometimes I get pushed to the side, obviously — she just said it,”
Dr. Drew would agree with Amber and state things involving Leah were considered “touchy, emotional, hot button issues” and that it was understandable for Amber to feel the way she was feeling.
Amber would stop Dr. Drew and let the claws come out once again on Kristina.
“I’m going to stop this right now… We’re going to end this on a positive. Thank you, Gary, so much for that. I really enjoyed seeing that. That was amazing to hear you actually sticking up for me. But your wife is absolutely horrible at it.”
Amber would continue to praise her relationship with Gary:
“You are a great person — you have always been there for me when I’ve asked you to be there for me. You said I could trust you, and I did trust you… But I can’t trust your wife. And she has sat there and gotten in the way of me and my daughter over and over and over again, as you have tried to push me toward my daughter.”
Before leaving the set in distraught, Amber would state that her and Kristina would never have a “good relationship”.



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