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Teen Mom: Teen Mom 2 Recap

Here’s a little recap of what’s going on in the Teen Mom Universe

Jade Cline: Cline would leave DeJesus’ house after recovering from surgery.  Cline would thank DeJesus for her hospitality but admitted to leaving due to the drama that transpired during her stay.  She also stated that she missed her daughter (aww, que coote). 

Credit Hollywood Dallies

Brianna DeJesus: Brianna and her new boyfriend Javi would have an intimate date in their backyard following Cline’s departure from her house.  Brianna would tell Javi that the things she witnessed with Jade’s family was the “most stressful” thing she’d ever had to go through…ever.

Brittany DeJesus: Brianna and Brittney would discuss plastic surgery in which Brittany would reveal that she’s been considering getting more work done.  Brittney would state that she’s currently unhappy with how her butt looks.  She would further state that she was happy with how one cheek looked but not the other.   Brianna was supportive and refrained from getting cheeky on the matter.

Leah Messer: Leah would receive some good news in regards to Ali.  Ali’s doctor, Dr. Tsao stated that there are “several hundred patients” with the same diagnosis that Ali has.  He also stated that patients with Titin Myopathy can live comfortably into their seventies.

Kailyn Lowry: Kailyn had to deal with the fact that her son Isaac isn’t too happy about seeing his dad Jo Rivera.  The reason?  Because he can only play Fortnite for an hour.  #devestated #getthiskidanewdad #cancelJoRivera

Ashley Jones: Ashley would plan a romantic dinner for Bar’s birthday.  She made him his favorite dish (macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs) with some candles in the backyard.  Oh…and she also got him a special trip to Paris and London. 



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