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Teen Mom: Season 2 Finale Recap

Here’s a little recap of the juiciest moments from the Teen Mom 2 finale!

Ashley and Bar were busy prepping for Ashley’s big graduation party.  However, Bar kept getting slammed with bad news.  For starters, he missed his business class midterm (zoinks!).  Then he found out he’d have to serve fifteen days in the county jail for his prior DUI shenanigans.  The frustrations got the best of him as he had a few too many at Ashley’s graduation party, which resulted in him getting arrested for firing his gun in the air.


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On a much brighter note, Leah Messer would get her test results about the tumor in her right breast.  It was revealed that the tumor was now benign and that it wouldn’t need removal.  However, she would need to check in on it from time to time.  Leah shared the wonderful news with her daughters and revealed that she may seek a second opinion in the future…but for the time being she was going to celebrate!

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez concluded what to do with their two boys for the Summer.  And…it didn’t seem to satisfy either of them.  Kail wanted to do things her way (because doi) which was outside of the courts.  But Chris wasn’t too thrilled about what Kail was proposing (he wanted their two boys for the whole summer).  Due to the court order, Kail wasn’t able to reveal what the judge decided.  She appeared to be pretty pissed about the decision (but isn’t that like her default setting?).

Jade Cline and Sean broke up…for reals this time.  Jade got so fed up with Sean and his wacky shenanigans that she told him to move out, which he did!  Sean made the executive decision to move in with his buddy who’s permanently living in a hotel, because,  you know, that’s the right decision.  But he’ll be fine, considering he sold her engagement ring for a whopping $500.

Brianna’s engaging story arch ended with her complaining to her mom and sister about her failed attempt at revoking Luis’ parental rights because Stella was scared of him.  Not the best storyline for Brianna, so hopefully she has a bit more to do next season. 

And that’s how it ended!  For now… let’s all indulge in their social media pages to see what kind of craziness they get into over the Summer.



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