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Teen Mom: Why Ryder Thinks Cheyenne’s a Good Mom

Cheyenne’s Daughter thinks she’s a good Mom

On Mothers Day, Cheyenne Floyd shared an emotional post honoring her kids and thanking her daughter Ryder for saying she’s a “good mom”.
Cheyenne posted a series of pics with the honoring. The first one showcased her pregnancy. The second was of her engagement ring with the third picture being of her.

Credit Cheyenne”s Instagram

“Becoming a mother has brought me some of my greatest and hardest moments. I found my strength, passion, and purpose in becoming a mother. Us mothers have the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world.”
“Ryder has brought meaning to my life and I learn from her daily. She is truly a special little girl. I often question myself on how I am so blessed that God would allow her to be mine. With Ace on the way, I’ve needed some extra reassurance that I am a “good mom” and everyday in some form or fashion Ryder has been telling and showing me.”
“She holds my hand through so many silent battles and has no clue. I’ve embraced my second pregnancy in a way that is new for me. Enjoying the highs, tackling the lows, and I truly did things the way I wanted.”
“I love that I feel beautiful on days and a walking whale on others. I love seeing my body change and knowing the outcome. I’m beyond ready for this next chapter in our lives to begin. To my Rydie & my Ace, I promise to always give you the world as you have given me mine.”
Cheyenne’s boyfriend Zach Davis recently proposed to her during their extravagant baby shower. The two are expecting their first son together, Ace.



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