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Teen Mom: Ryan Edwards in Trouble for Statutory Rape Allegations

A Photo was what sparked the allegations

Just when you think the guy’s about the clean up he’s back in the news.
Ryan Edwards is back in the news, this time for an old photo that is prompting statutory rape allegations.

Credit Reddit

The photo in question is one of Ryan and Maci.
Maci is currently 29 years of age with Ryan being 33 (he looks about a billion years older, unfortunately).
Maci gave birth to their son Bentley when she turned 17 and when Ryan was 21. To be clear, she got pregnant at the age of 16 and when he was 20.The age of consent in Tennessee is 18, this means Ryan could have been convicted of statutory rape.
The picture was brought to the light by a Reddit user, whose intentions appear to bring the noticeable age difference to the light.
However, fans were quick to pinpoint how much Ryan has changed:
“Looking at Ryan now I wouldn’t even realize this was the same person! How old is this picture 10 years ago? Ryan’s aged 30 years since then,”It should be noted that Maci had Ryan and his parents Jen and Larry fired from Teen Mom. However, in a recent interview Ryan stated the following:“I’ve collected enough information that is on video and pictures to be able to have Bentley all the time,”



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