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Teen Mom: Prison Update on Kiaya Elliot’s Ex

Where is X’Zayveon?

As you all know Teen Mom star Kiaya Elliot was arrested in March for possession of a firearm and assault charges.
Seeing as she got arrested, allegedly it prompted her to check up on her ex-baby daddy X’Zayveon to see just what he was doing as well as if he himself was still in the can.

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Just like herself, X’Zayveon was arrested for firearm charges back in August of 2018. However, he was charged with a felony. And…he was already a convicted felon. In addition to the two firearm charges, he was also found guilty of felony marijuana possession with intent to distribute.
X’Zayveon was up for parole in 2019 but was ultimately denied, as The Board considered him to be a high risk to the community.
X’Zayveon was back up for parole in 2020, but once again he was denied, below are the reasons for his denial:
“Release at this time would diminish the seriousness of crime. Serious nature and circumstances of your offense(s).
You need further participation in institutional work and/or educational programs to indicate your positive progression towards re-entry into society.
You need to show a longer period of stable adjustment.
Your prior failure(s) and/or convictions while under community supervision indicate that you are unlikely to comply with conditions of release.”
X’Zayveon is currently incarcerated at Pocahontas State Correctional Center in Virginia. Beyond that, not much is known about this class act.



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