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Teen Mom OG’s Maci Discovers what happened during Bentley’s First Therapy Session

The reveal brought her to tears

On the latest episode of Teen Mom OG Maci uncovered what was discussed at Bentley’s (12) first therapy session and it brought her to tears.

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In the episode, Maci was advised that Bentley should go into the therapy session by himself, without Taylor so that he could become accustomed and “totally comfortable” in the new environment before taking that step with his father. Maci would advise her son to eldest son to be open and to “be vulnerable…I love you, I’m proud of you.” Bentley would go forth with the therapy session but he would do it off-camera. Maci would then talk to his therapist about the session and what was revealed broke Maci down. The therapist revealed that Bentley was not yet ready to speak with Ryan in the current setting and that more individual sessions were the most logical way to proceed. Maci was informed: “My main concern is that he seems to feel neglected by his father; he has a hard time knowing what to do about it…It’s a difficult thing for a kid to feel that they have to teach their dad how to be a dad because that’s not their job.” Maci agreed that Bentley’s needs were not being met by Ryan and after the phone call the teen mom broke down into tears. Maci confessed: “I’m angry…I just never wanted to put ‘neglect’ and ‘Bentley’ in the same sentence.” Ryan Edwards parents on the other hand would accuse Maci of being the “biggest trigger”. Ryan’s parents Larry and Jen revealed that they wished their bond with Bentley was “normal” so they could visit him more often. Larry said: “We haven’t seen him in over a month.” Larry would also elaborate on Ryan’s therapy sessions: “I understand Ryan more now than I have ever understood him before about how important it is for him to focus on what he has and just get away from those triggers because we’ve been to the counseling … and the triggers are across the river…If Ryan is going to have a healthy life, then he needs to separate him from that,” Larry continued. “We were putting a lot of pressure on Ryan all the time.” Both parents stated that they somewhat felt responsible for pushing Ryan in the wrong direction and they revealed to cameras that they were wrong and that they were ultimately sorry.



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