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Teen Mom OG: Taylor viciously opens up about Ryan

Taylor took shots at Ryan in defense of Bentley

Taylor had some harsh words for Ryan when asked about him during the “Teen Mom: Og Reunion”.
It’s no secret that Ryan has had his fair share of concerns throughout the last few years. The primary concern now would be that Bentley has come to an age where he’s very aware of what’s going on and has been pretty open about his negative feelings towards Ryan because of his actions. Maci was questioned about if she wanted Ryan to be part of Bentley’s life or out of it completely and she had the following to say:

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“stuck in this tango of is this gonna happen or not”
Taylor would side up with Maci and acknowledge Bentley for speaking out before taking a few blows at Ryan.
“What stands out to me most is Bentley is becoming a young man. I think he’s shown the Edwards that he’s found his voice, he has a voice, he can think for himself…I think every week when you watch a new episode, you think Ryan can’t possibly be any dumber than he is and he will prove you wrong the next week. That guy will really show you how big a piece of s— he is.”
Taylor would continue with how Ryan had treated Maci in the past.
“Y’all saw the clip, he sat there and called my wife a bitch. In past seasons, the things he’s done toward Bentley, poking fun of him, making fun of him, calling him a cry baby, enough’s enough…Be a man. Come sit out here, don’t be a coward. Come sit on the couch with us. I would speak to him, he won’t speak to us.”
Taylor would also elaborate on the fact that Ryan saw Maci as a “trigger”, and that he wanted to focus on his relationship with his son:
“That’s fine, but my only thing is don’t sit over there and call her a bitch, don’t pick on your son,” said Taylor, “if you got something to say, come out here and say it.”
The couple was eventually asked if they believed that Ryan was sober, in which they both disagreed.
“This is our opinion, but it’s based off when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly hold his eyes open…That’s not a place that I feel safe to send our son, with that guy.”
Taylor and Maci were eventually joined by Ryan’s parents, Jen and Ryan and things only escalated from there on out. You can check out the heated confrontation below.



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