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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd talks Marriage during a Pandemic

The Star touched upon the idea of marriage during COVID

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd opened up about the idea of marriage during a pandemic. At the moment she and Zach Davis are currently expecting…so a wedding wasn’t the most farfetched idea.
Floyd opened up about the idea of marriage during a pandemic and had this to say to Us Weekly:

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“We’ve talked about marriage. I know we would have loved to get married this year, but with COVID and stuff [we couldn’t]… “We both come from really big families that are really involved with us. We tried to figure out, like, some form or fashion of what we could do, and it just wasn’t going to work to our standards or what we wanted and having our families there. So we’re just gonna wait until it’s safe to do so.”
Floyd also admitted that she never thought she’d end up here with Zach Davis as the two had been on and off again throughout the years.
“Everyone around us is, like, ‘We already knew this was going to happen.’ So it was not a surprise or shock to my family or to his family. They were like, ‘We were just waiting for you guys to figure it out… Honestly, Zach and I have gone back and forth with dating since I was a senior in high school. So I think it was just, like, meant to be. Finally, we just looked at each other and were, like, ‘OK, I guess we gotta make it work this time.”
Floyd also touched upon the emotions surrounding her and having a boy, which she revealed through Instagram on January 1st.
“I honestly thought that I would never have a boy in my life…Everyone in my family was girls, like, for my sister to have a boy, we were all in shock. We thought we were cursed in the family, [thinking] we could just never have boys. Even when we were taking bets in the house and stuff, I’m like, there’s no way possible that I’m going to have a boy. It just wasn’t even on my radar.”
Floyd also admitted that she preemptively bought clothing for a girl as that’s what she truly believed she was having. She also talked about how she didn’t know how to plan for a boy and wasn’t sure how to make him cute, but was nevertheless excited for the road ahead.
Floyd also revealed the name that she and Davis had been keeping a secret for so long. Revealing that their upcoming boy’s name will be Ace Harold Davis:“Well, we’re tired of keeping it — it’s not even a secret because both our families know. Everybody knows,”
Floyd also commented on the reasoning behind the name: “We came up with Ace, and Harold is Zach’s middle name and his dad’s first name,” she shared. “So he will now be referred to as Ace.”



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