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‘Teen Mom Og’ Star Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra weigh in on School During Covid

The issue of school during a pandemic arose

The topic of school during a worldwide pandemic came up for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in a sneak peek for Tuesday’s upcoming Teen Mom OG season premiere.

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The topic arose when Lowell and Baltierra had to weigh in on their five-year-old daughter Nova attending school during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the parents contemplating if she should go to school, or hold off as to keep the rest of the family safe.
Balteirra told his wife: “It’s just crazy how this is her first year of kindergarten…First year of full-on, five days a week school … on a bus, and it’s all through this COVID crap.”Baltierra elaborated that Nova has been going stir crazy and begging himself and Lowell to go to school when her opportunity finally arose. Stating that kids at her age needed to go to school as it kept them grounded and that teaching a five-year-old was out of his skill set.
Baltierra said that he was going to side with whatever Lowell wanted to do, whether it be send Nova to school or teach her at home. Lowell mentioned that tackling the task of teaching Nova at home would be a lot of work when paired up with caring for one-year-old Vaeda, but she and Baltierra were down for the task regardless.
Lowell told PopCulture that filming during a pandemic proved to be very difficult and that she was very thankful for where they lived as it had a lot of outside for the kids to be outside.
In November, Lowell and Baltierra suffered a devastating loss as Lowell found out she was pregnant only to lose the baby through a miscarriage on Thanksgiving. This was Lowell’s second miscarriage and the loss devastated herself and Baltierra.
In a recent interview, Lowell opened up on the idea of adoption stating that she and Baltierra have discussed it:
“Yeah, if we weren’t able to have one more, sure, [we’d adopt]. Most definitely. But who knows at this time?”
She also remarked that she and Baltierra want to have more children and that one would be their last:
“It’s just up to the universe right now. Whatever happens, will happen, I guess, in its own time. I don’t know when that will be.”
Following the miscarriage, Lowell reached out to other mothers whom may have gone through the same incident, reaching out to them for support through her social media outlets.



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