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Teen Mom OG: Maci Bookout thinks about her Future with Teen Mom

Apparently it’s a “Season by season” deal

It’s more than apparent that Maci Bookout is a pretty big part of the Teen Mom world, and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon.
Recently, Maci appeared on the Kailyn Lowry and Vee Rivera’s podcast Baby Mama No Drama and spoke about how much of a future she had with the franchise:

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“Back in the day, I’d be like, you know, as long as I feel like I’m helping people — even if it’s just one person — showing them they are not alone or they’re not crazy, then I would keep doing it… As the kids get older, especially Bentley, it’s definitely a season-by-season thing. Not to say that I don’t ever feel like, ‘Alright, my time is up. … [It’s time to] move on to the next chapter… At this point, selfishly — and I say that not in a way that I think it’s selfish — I feel like the show opens my eyes to me [about] what I need to work on, what I need to face myself. It’s just a good reflective tool that most people don’t have.”
Maci also stated that being on the program for as long as she had been “can definitely break you down”, but believed there were many positives to being associated with the franchise.
“[The] production [staff], I feel like they do a good job of navigating around the children. If the kids don’t want to film, they’re not going to film. They don’t usher them, they don’t push them… As long as we can continue to navigate that and the other positives are happening, I don’t see a reason to leave the show but that doesn’t mean that one won’t arise. It’s definitely season by season.”
Maci is currently wrapped up with the recent termination of Ryan Edwards and his parents. Maci shares twelve-year-old Bentley with Ryan. Many believe that Maci played a hand in the termination of the Edwards family, but the star has been pretty hush about the situation since it transpired a few weeks ago.



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