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Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood calling it quits with Dimitri

Portwood stated that he was possessive

It seems as though Amber Portwood is calling it quits with her boyfriend Dimitri Garcia.

Credit MTV

On the latest episode of Teen Mom OG Amber opened up on the two’s relationship and the status that it was currently in, seeing as they were continents apart. Amber would tell MTV producer Townsend that Dimitri had been calling her non-stop during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Amber would talk about how she needed to be cautious of their dynamic because she had been in a controlling relationship before:
“He’s possessive from a distance, he needs to know what I’m doing all day every day,”
Minutes later Dimitri would contact Amber through WhatsApp asking her what she was doing.
“Nothing, I’m outside, wondering why I’m getting a million messages,” she said.
Dimitri would reconcile stating that he was only calling because he was thinking about her and that he loved her as well as that he missed her a lot.
Amber would retort, stating that she thought he was a “little much”
“It’s turning into a very possessive situation and a very not healthy situation.”
Amber discussed her emotions towards Dimitri with her Ex-Gary Shirley, in which she revealed that she had broken up with Dimitri.
“We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend,” she said. “He started getting to the point where he was calling and texting multiple, multiple, multiple times, all day long.”



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