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Teen Mom: No Leah Messer and Kail Lowry weren’t arrested while on Vacation

Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry were in hot water for a little prank they pulled while they were on their recent vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Credit TikTok

Over their vacation, they decided to tell the producers that they were arrested.  On Sunday, Leah took to TikTok to share a video where she revealed that Kailyn and herself “pranked” the show’s executive producers while on vacation.

Paired with a photo of the two on a boat while on vaca, Leah appeared on screen with a serious expression before revealing screenshots of texts they sent to their producers as part of the prank.

Credit TikTok

In the text exchange, Kail told producer Larry that Leah and herself were “going to jail” for cutting the “ netting where the animals were today.”

Larry…concerned, asked for them to call him.

In the following text exchange, Leah begged for Larry to “call PETA” Kail was put into cuffs.

Their other producer Amanda would express her shock and even question whether or not the situation was real or a prank.

Amanda would say:

“They are arresting Kailyn Lowry for cutting nets at 1030pm???? What did you two do? Omg.”

The duo eventually came clean about their wacky little prank, but it did land them in hot water amongst their producers and fans.

Fans were quick (and rightfully so) to call them:


“I’d be so annoyed by this. These are women nearly 30. Grow the f**k up Kail.”

“but why? this isn’t ‘quirky’ lol. it’s just causing a panic and wasting peoples time.”

“This is humiliating,”

“Omg this is cringe. They think they’re the Kardashians or something. It must be nice having executive producers to call anytime you get arrested (like Jenelle and Amber). Whatever these girls do, MTV will make sure they cover it up.”

I gotta sign with the fans/producers on this one.  Come on ladies act your age!



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