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Teen Mom: Mackenzie Mckee in Hot Water over Disturbing Photo of Son

This is a bit unusual, but it appears as though fan-favorite Teen Mom star, Makenzie Mckee is in hot water over some disturbing photos of her son, Gannon.

Mckee recently shared a photo of Gannon holding a dead snake, and fans weren’t too keen on this post.  Reddit (of course) was very vocal about the post:

“Snakes can still bite after they’re dead. How does she not know this growing up in Oklahoma?!”

“Why do people find it so hard to respect animals…I truly don’t understand. You don’t have to like them, just leave them alone.”

The post in question is the following:

Credit Instagram

It seems as though the post was removed after the immense backlash she received, but the damage has been done.

Out of all the Teen Mom stars, Mckee has done a relatively good job of maintaining a healthy reputation for herself, so this is a bit unfortunate. 

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Life, Mckee revealed that she wouldn’t be against adopting to grow her family:

“I would love to adopt from another country, or take in a kid who really needs a home,” she explained. “I’m praying for an opportunity like that.”

She also revealed that her diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes has changed her idea on having more kids:

“God has truly blessed me…With Type 1 diabetes I have chosen to not have any more on my own.”

Hopefully, this whole debacle involving the dead snake blows over sooner than later for her.



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