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Teen Mom: Leah Messer on Undergoing Surgery

The Star on Surgery for a Benign Tumor

Recently, Leah Messer revealed that she had discovered a lump on her right breast.
Luckily doctors revealed that the tumor was benign (non-cancerous). Leah is still considering having it removed, but with that, she revealed some scares she has with the situation as a whole.

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In a recent episode of Teen Mom, we saw Leah and her sister Victoria discuss the scare. Victoria revealed that the tumor, although benign could become cancerous.
“That’s what they said. They said they want to keep monitoring it, keep following it to make sure it didn’t grow into anything else. So I’m definitely going to do that,”
“As far as surgery, that scares the living s–t out of me. The last biggest surgery I had, they prescribed me prescription pain medication that I became addicted to. So any kind of open procedure literally scares the f–k out of me.”
Leah also revealed that she currently doesn’t have health insurance. She talked about how she had until the age of twenty-five, but that she doesn’t currently have insurance at the age of twenty-six.
“It didn’t dawn on me that situations like this would occur, I would just be like, ‘I’m not going to the doctor.’ Because I didn’t like going to the doctor. I would do everything to avoid going to a doctor. Now I’m like, OK, this is like, serious. Medical insurance is important…Sometimes I don’t think about it because my kids have medical insurance through their dads. So I’m not going to be able to do the procedure until I have medical insurance. That’s all there is to it.”
In closing, Leah revealed that she’s anxious about any upcoming procedure.
Best of luck.



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