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Teen Mom: Leah Messer on her recent Breast Cancer scare

The star opened up during a recent interview

Leah Messer opened up about her potential breast cancer scare in a recent interview with TooFab.
In the interview the star touched upon her recent breast cancer concern, stating that she initially felt a lump which prompted her to make an appointment with her gynecologist. Leah stated that although the timelleas were scary she has focused on keeping an optimistic mindset, not only for herself but her family as well. Leah clarified that she’s following her doctor’s guidelines, as well as keeping up with her exams.

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In a recent clip for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom, Leah can be seen talking to her daughters about her breast cancer exam. Elaborating on the matter, Leah spoke about how talking about female health concerns is something she wants to impose upon her daughters. She stated that she didn’t have that outlet as a child and that that kind of topic was always more or less difficult. Leah stated that she would like her daughters to feel confident enough to talk about their matters with her as they proceed through life.
Leah also spoke about her previous addiction to pain medication and how even though that was a dark period of her life it was “the best thing” to ever happen to her because it opened her eyes to her life in general. She spoke about how it revealed some very toxic patterns in her life, patterns that she didn’t want to pass down to her children. When she finally came home from rehab in 2015, she decided that it was time to change her life, which meant cutting out various family members. Leah also stated that while the decision to cut out family members was tough, it also allowed her to grow tremendously, as well as having a new sense of freedom. Leah said she felt liberated and that she felt her entire family looked up to her for her decisions. She also touched upon how her relationship with her grandmother has prospered to new heights.
Leah was also asked about her ex Corey, who she shares Aliannah and Aleeah with and Jeremy who she shares Adalynn with. She stated that her relationship with both of her ex’s is “good” and that their relationships are purely and strictly parenting.
In closing, she also stated that she felt Teen Mom would always be a part of her life, but that she would now be focusing a bit more on other business expenditures.



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