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Teen Mom: Leah Messer on Closing a Major Chapter in her life

Leah is done with having Kids

Leah Messer took to her Instagram stories to answer a few questions a few days ago.
A major question that was asked was if she wanted more kids.

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“Eh…not really. I would’ve loved to have had a boy, but…I’m content.”
Leah concluded that she loves being a girl mom. Leah is the mother of twins, Ali and Aleeah, and Addie.
Fans have followed her life since she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, and she’s become quite a fan favorite throughout the years.
During the Instagram Live session, Leah stated that she will always put her daughter’s lives first and from here on out will have hesitation when it comes to introducing them to a new partner. Leah also talked about the benign tumor scare she’s currently dealing with. She revealed that she noticed the lump while driving and noted that the situation has been very jarring. This, of course, is something that fans have sympathized with.
Leah stated that the lump, although benign has grown in size. She talked about how doctors are keeping an eye on it, but that they currently don’t feel that it needs to be removed. Leah recently spoke about the matter with her sister Victoria, who revealed that the benign tumor could at some point become cancerous. Leah spoke to InTouch about the matter and talked about how she currently doesn’t have health insurance because she’s twenty-six.
Hopefully, she gets things ironed out.



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