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Teen Mom: Leah Messer Mystery Man

Video Influencer Justin Burke is now mixed within the Teen Mom universe, as he appeared on a number of Leah Messer’s TikToks.

Leah was quick to address that Justin didn’t outright have that title…yet.  Stating that she’s hoping he will have that title soon.

In the TikTok’s, Justin can be seen carrying Leah around in what looks like a very dangerous pro wrestling move.

Credit TikTok

The pair danced to “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd.  The video starts with Leah dancing solo, before Justin steps onto the scene to lift her over his shoulders and grab onto her legs.

The two then begin alternating facing the camera as they lip-sync along to the song.  Her caption was:

“I don’t have no type but my #tiktok game getting stronger.”

All the crazy dancing, lip-syncing, and WWE moves aside…fans were more curious about Justin’s status with Leah.

One quite simply asked:


Leah responded with:

“I wish but no I don’t have a boyfriend.”

The duo also had a TikTok together where they tried to continue a viral trend started by Jason Derulo. 

Justin would also post a photo of himself posing with Leah in a parking lot with a caption that stated that he loved collaborating with her.

We’re sure there will be more curious TikTok’s in the nearby future, and the mere fact that she’d like Justin to have the “boyfriend” title is interesting enough.  Hopefully, we get some resolution here sooner than later!



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