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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry on Changing her Name

The Teen Mom Star recently changed her name on the program

Kailyn Lowry has been a vital part of the Teen Mom series for over ten years. And while there have been a crazy amount of changes throughout her life, it seems as though it’s time for her to change her name entirely.

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On a recent episode of the podcast Coffee & Convo’s, Kailyn revealed the meaning behind changing her name to Kail.
Kailyn has been called Kail by numerous co-stars on the show for years:
“But I already had branding in my name. My entire brand had already been Kail Lowry.”
She would confirm that on Teen Mom 2 they were officially changing her name:
“Well on Teen Mom 2 they’re finally changing it to Kail.”
Kailyn…or Kail would reveal that she had wanted a name change on the show for years, but it was never granted to her:
“For whatever reason they’ve had their nicknames on there since we started but I was never allowed to have my nickname.”



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