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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry treats herself and breaks her diet

The star vowed to loose weight in PCOS battle

Four weeks ago, Kailyn Lowry vowed to lose weight in her Polycystic ovary syndrome battle, in turn, she gave up pasta (props girl…I don’t think I could do that tbh).
On Sunday, she revealed a delicious dish of pasta that she was indulging in for the first time in four weeks. The scrumptious-looking bowl of pasta was from Luna’s Pizzeria and Italian Grill.

Credit Instagram

“I haven’t had pasta in almost 4 weeks.”
Kailyn has been pretty serious about losing weight, and it’s something that she’s been serious about for a good amount of time.
In March, Kailyn revealed she was diagnosed with PCOS. She revealed the following on the Coffee and Convo’spodcast.
“I was bleeding through three and four changes of clothes per day during my period… and I would bleed through my mattress. I would bleed through everything.”
Kailyn would also reveal that her OB/GYN ordered lab work and found that she had almost ten cysts on one ovary and the other had a cyst that was half the size of the organ itself.
Initially, Kailyn thought she was diagnosed with cancer:
“The first thing that came in my mind, I’m like ‘oh my god I have cancer.’ I’m like crying. I don’t want to die… I literally cried myself to sleep.”
PCOS affects a woman’s hormone system. The diagnosis was what made Kailyn alter her eating habits as well as focus a bit more on her overall fitness.
Her changes are noticeable, I say keep it up and hope you enjoyed the hell out of that pasta! That pasta looks so good I might do that for dinner 🙂



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