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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry Builds a new Home for her Kids

An exciting new start for them

Well…here’s some good news about Kail Lowry for once.

Kail recently revealed that she’s building a new house for herself and her four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

Kail made the big reveal for her new residence back in May with an Instagram photo:

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“I was so excited to take all the kids to our new property yesterday,”

“I know they’re young and can’t fully understand what it means for me to be able to do this. But I was blown away by their excitement and pleasantly surprised by the appreciation they had for the progress being made. I am so so so excited for this journey.”

A few months back, Kail shared her plans for the entrance which would be decorated with muted tones of grey and black with gold and floral accents.  The foyer had grey floorboards, a gold arched mirror, and a black sideboard with floral panels above it.

She also stated that she had the intention of building a football field for Lincoln and a dog park for her dogs.

It seems as though Kail has made some major advancements on the house she’s building, as she couldn’t wait to show the kids what she had done since May when they last saw the property.

Kail would post updates here and there in regards to her house building. 

“Lincoln is super pumped cause I told him we would do a detached garage with a little training facility underneath…You know, how they have, like, indoor turf?”

And while it seems as though Kail is having the time of her life building her dream house for her kids, she did joke that she would be calling the home “Chaos House”.

Kail isn’t the first Teen Mom star to delve into house building.  Former Teen Mom star, Chelsea Deboer and her hubby Cole are deep into the whole house/property building. 



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