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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez Back Together?

A recent post has stirred the speculations pot

Are Teen Mom stars Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez back together? A recent post from Kailyn has led to a lot of curious speculation.

Credit Kailyn Lowry Instagram

Fans have jumped onto the speculation that Kaily is referencing her ex, Chris Lopez.
However, days before this post, Chis shut out any notion of the two getting back together, stating that Kailyn just stirred up drama to get ratings for Teen Mom 2 (which isn’t doing too hot ratings-wise).
Chris had the following to say in regards to Teen Mom 2:
“My kids’ mom tries to go out and make it into something that it’s not. I didn’t even really make it into a big deal… Next thing you know we got a whole 10-slide… shots thrown at me. Y’all start drama because your show coming out. It’s so corny. People ain’t gonna talk about how we were just getting along. Because it don’t go with their story. In addition, Chris would say that the two are parenting well, Chris would say the following on Instagram Live:
“I coach Lux’s T-ball team and you know, co-parenting going well,”
In the video, Chris voiced how he didn’t like being a part of Teen Mom 2. Kailyn had the following to say in that regards:
“I heard some rumors that someone was not blurred out and upset about it and I wanted to address that because it’s absolutely crazy… MTV is a huge company. They know what they can and can’t do. They know when they should or shouldn’t blur someone’s face out.”
She then continued to slam the fact that Chris voiced his opinion on a podcast:
“When you have an opportunity that’s presented to you and you decline but then go on a podcast or have 100,000 Instagram followers, you’re not really trying to stay out of the public eye.”



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