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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry allegedly created fake drama to Boost Ratings

Fans have called out Kailyn for faking storylines to boost the show’s ratings

Fan Favorite Kailyn Lowry, is back in the limelight again, and this time it’s for faking storylines to distract viewers from her assault charges.

As we all know, Kailyn’s been hit with a juicy domestic violence dispute, in which she allegedly attacked her baby daddy, Chris Lopez.  The violent attack from Lowry ensued after Chris took their three-year-old son to get a haircut.  Apparently, Kailyn…or Kail was unaware that hair grows.  Chris would report that Kail had punched him several times in the head and upper torso, over the haircut that ruined her life.

Now…fans are calling Kail out for faking drama between herself and her friend Mark, in order to boost ratings and distract viewers from her wacky domestic violence allegations.  The drama between the two comes from when Mark began planning a trip for himself for his birthday.  Heavy reported that Kail didn’t want to spend money on the trip and wanted to go to the Dominican Republic with the kiddos.  She wanted to go for one day and one day only but not the weekend. 

Kail would stoke the fire even more on her podcast, claiming this was the first time she had declined one of Mark’s requests.

Mark would take to his Instagram and claim that his friend of fifteen years had lied to him about him on her podcast and that the friendship is now over.  He was vague on who it was, but it’s clear as day that it was Kail.

Reddit has taken to the case to get to the bottom of what Kail is doing.  Some believe the drama between her and Mark is all an elaborate scheme to deviate attention away from the domestic violence charges.  Some even calling her a terrible person.  Others don’t think she’d go this far to manipulate fans, but they wouldn’t put it past her.  Some also find it hard to believe that Mark would go along with her wacky shenanigans.  

And some continue to call for her termination.

Kail has a pretty bad reputation, but MTV is known for not firing their horrible castmates so her termination seems unlikely.  Buuuut you never know.




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