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Teen Mom: Kailyn and Javi’s Vacation Scare

Kailyn Lowry revealed a scary situation while on vacation with her boys to Punta Cana.

Kail revealed the story on a recent episode of her podcast Coffee Convos.

Kail said that while Creed was playing he accidentally caught his eye on the corner of a table.  Kail took Creed to a nearby hospital for a diagnosis.  She said that the whole situation was scary and overwhelming and that at one point she needed a translator to assist, so she called Javi. 

“I had never needed him to come through harder than what he did for me yesterday.”

In regards to Creed’s health:

“Let me just say, Creed is fine. He’s perfectly fine.”

The vacation went forward as planned with beach picnics and snorkeling adventures.

Fans were introduced to Javi in Season 4 of Teen Mom 2.  The two would eventually get married while she was pregnant with Lincoln. 

Unfortunately, Javi would join the military and deploy in which Kail would cheat on him.  The two would later divorce. 

Fans have seen the rocky road for both of them with Javi trying to get at her in a parking lot a few months ago.  However, it is now safe to assume that the two of them are on relatively good terms.



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