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Teen Mom: Kail reveals if ‘flirting is cheating’

Kail recently took to a Q&A session and addressed whether or not she felt “flirting was cheating”.

A fan popped the question in which Kail replied with:

“This depends on the relationship & the boundaries y’all have.  Every relationship is different.”

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Kail’s response was accompanied by a boomerang of her playing with her hair.

Vague…I for one would be very confused and disappointed if I were the fan who asked that question.

Kail sharing her views on cheating is a bit of a conundrum, seeing as a few months ago she viciously accused Javi Marroquin of “trying to have sex” with her in a random parking lot.

Kail would make the earth-shattering reveal on an episode of Teen Mom:

“You’re going to treat me like this … oh is that why you tried to f*** me on Tuesday? In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son…just this past week.”

“He pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas and was like ‘hey what’s up?’ then he opened the door and was like, ‘I wanna f*** you plain and simple.’ I said ‘bye Javi’ … I have all the texts of him trying to meet up.”

Kail elaborated:

“So you’re willing to come to Middletown to f*** me but you won’t come here to get your son? Only if it benefits you in a sexual way.”

The big reveal inevitably landed Javi in hot water with his then-fiancé Lauren Comeau.  Lauren would break up with Javi following the claims.

In all fairness, Kail and Javi do seem to be on good terms now…but that will probably fizzle out by September. 



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