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Teen Mom: Kail Lowry in the Dominican Republic with Chris Lopez?

Kail Lowry is currently on vacation in the Dominican Republic with her four sons.

Kail recently ran a Q & A session while she was on vacation and a fan innocently asked:

“Are the rumors true, is Chris on vacay with you?

Kail would share a selfie of herself with the following caption:

“Hell no”

Credit Instagram

Wellp there it is folks.  Kail is not on vacation with Chris despite what the rumors say.

Fans are well aware of the insanely turbulent past between Chris and Kail.  After all, Kail’s shining moment in life is her getting arrested for brutally attacking Chris over their son Lux’s haircut. 

Most recently the two got into a shouting match that woke the neighbors, when Chris entered Kail’s car while cameras were rolling.  Chris would proceed to dish out the heat on the Teen Mom producers while Kail screamed for him to get out of the vehicle.

Despite being on vacation, Kail is still seeing a good amount of backlash.

Recently she was accused of animal abuse when she posted a picture of her son Issac and a monkey on a leash. 

Credit Instagram

She was also seen as petty for posting the following cryptic quote:

“You ever cut someone off & then you see them posting s**t lie they got rid of you?”

Fans were quick to call Kail out for her “stupid nonsense” and “wasting energy on negativity”:

One Redditor asked:

“Who’s she referring to THIS time?”

“She’s on vacation with her four kids, plus a big group of friends, yet she still has to keep her focus on some petty drama.”

I mean.  Fan’s aren’t wrong here.  She is on vacation and still surrounds herself with drama that’s back at home.  Hopefully, she can put the phone down and just enjoy the vacation with her four boys.



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