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Teen Mom: Kail Lowry has Covid and apparently she thinks it’s hilarious

Teen Mom fan favorite and all-around great human being, Kail Lowry, and her family were diagnosed with Covid-19.

Kail and her podcasting home girl Vee Rivera joked that they had “cooties” and that they were “Covid Queens”


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Kail caught Covid while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four boys, and in turn, passed it on to Vee.  Because…iono, I guess she didn’t know about the whole social distancing deal.

Here is an exchange between the two on their latest episode of Baby Mamas No Drama.

“For those of you guys listening that don’t know, Vee and I have Covid,” Kailyn told listeners.

“We are Covid queens,” Vee added, joking: “We got cooties.”

Kail revealed that she and her family tested negative upon leaving the Dominican Republic as well as testing negative upon arriving in the States:

“But then by that following Thursday it was positive and I knew because I felt like s**t all week. Once I lost my taste and my smell I knew what it was.”

Fans (and this writer here) weren’t too pleased with how Kail handled the potentially life threatening virus:

“I wonder if the families of the 500,000 plus dead Americans think that Covid is as funny as the two of you do.”

“Extremely distasteful. It’s clear y’all don’t care, but you’ve lost a listener. Disgusting.”

“Giggling about Covid… no coming back from that one for me.”

“Sorry, I can’t support an anti-vaxxer, Covid super spreader giggling about having Covid and giving it to God knows who.”

Kail also revealed she gave Covid to Javi Marroquin as well. 

Kail of course wanted nothing but sympathy as she went on about how difficult things were for her with no sense of taste, smell, or dignity.

I mean this is Kail Lowry…can’t say I’m surprised by her behavior.



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