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Teen Mom: Kail Lowry Cut from Teen Mom 2

It seems as though Kail Lowry has been “cut” from Teen Mom 2.
Fans have been clamoring for the firing of Kail Lowry for a while now. Fans have been unhappy with the amount of drama she brings to the table and her overall declining mental health.

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Kail wasn’t on the previous episode of Teen Mom 2, and she appeared to be perplexed beyond words.
On a recent Instagram post, Kail revealed that she had been cut from the past episode.
“Ok guys, I’m actually not in tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2,” she said. “But a new episode of Baby Mamas No Drama drops today!”
On Coffee Convos she shared the following: “But yeah, so I won’t be on the episode tonight, I just found that out. So, check out my podcasts, catch up on all the tea,”
Recently, Kail was talking about having a fifth child through IVF, she recently told US the following:
“I’m going through IVF and egg retrievals so that I can potentially have the chance in the future, if that’s what I want” She stated she doesn’t “have any intentions any time soon to have more children.”
On her podcast Coffee Convos, she shared:
“This is where they’re going to check my uterus because of my super heavy bleeding. I’ve had super super super heavy periods so they’re going to check to see if there’s anything abnormal going on in my uterus.”
Tuesday’s episode mainly focused on Jade Cline’s Brazilian butt lift.
Some fans think that MTV has had it with Kail in general, with other fans thinking it has to do with her current methods of having a fifth child. It’s still very unclear as to why she won’t be on the upcoming episode.
It’s still unclear as to why she didn’t appear on the episode…so stay tuned!



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