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Teen Mom: Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez get into a fight during his Teen Mom 2 Debut

Lopez would call out the Producers

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez had a heated f*****g argument for his big debut on the June 13th episode of Teen Mom.

The battle of the beeps came when Kail went to pick up Creed from Chris’s house.  The issue arose when she angrily asked Chris to get back in the house to make their son a bottle.

Credit MTV

“I love you, buddy, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Chris said once he returned. Kailyn quickly asked, “Tomorrow? When are you gonna see him tomorrow?”

Chris then answered, “When I drop my other son off.” Naturally, Kail clapped back and said Creed would be asleep by then.

Chris yelled, “No the f**k he wont!” he then walked up to the passenger side of Kailyn’s door, and began going through her private documents

Kail would scream for him to “Go change your nasty ass clothes”

In which Chris would shoot back:

“It’s your son! He was all up on me with s**t!”

Kail would ask Chris to close the door so she could leave but he would say:

“No, you can close your own f*****g door!”

Kail would shout “Close the door!”, loud enough to alert all of the neighbors.

This would set Chris off as he entered the car, in which he realized that the cameras were rolling, and this was what set him off.  Chris Lopez is pretty vocal about his dislike for being filmed. 

“They can hear you. They can see you. You’re gonna be on the show,” Kailyn said. “I hope they show you… they can. They can show you.” Chris replied saying that producers aren’t allowed to show his face on TV.

It’s a bit tough to hear what Chris is saying as everything is beeped out, but you could tell he’s pretty peeved at the notion that he’s on camera.

Class act and a round of applause to both Chris Lopez and Kail Lowry.



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