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Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans on Deavan Clegg Lawsuit

There's definitely some bad blood between the two

Jenelle Evan’s responded to 90 Day Fiancé, Deavan Clegg’s lawsuit against her.

The issue between the two came to fruition from their former podcast ‘Girl S#!t” podcast.  Clegg wants to take Evans to court for alleged defamation and cyberstalking.

A few months ago the reality stars teamed up to tape episodes of the podcast which also featured TikTok personality Egan.  Unfortunately, the endeavor would fail and Clegg accusing Egan and Evans of cyberbullying her online.

Credit InTouch

Evans recently spoke with InTouch to give some clarity on her side of the matter.

“At this time there is not much more to say. My response to her stating I have threatened, made allegations, spread rumors, defamed, slandered or cyberstalked her is simply this — It’s not ME noticing her,”

“After her stunts and lies regarding the podcast situation, I stopped communicating with her. It wasn’t until my fans started sending me the weird postings she did about me. She went LIVE multiple times to speak about me, my husband and kids. Did she not expect me to defend myself or respond?”

“She needs to heal from whatever is causing her to forget her actions and what she is accountable for … Other women from the podcast have verified that Deavan was searching for ways to undermine my position and my removal from the project,”

“She crossed the line when she pulled up old articles and court cases involving my husband and kids. Those responsible need to be held accountable. It is unfortunate she causes all this destruction and expects for everyone else to pay the price. She went after me and my family when I gave her an opportunity to help her career, I actually considered her a friend, that’s why I invited her during casting for the show. Instead, she wanted to take over the show, get me fired from the project I pitched to her on the very first day.”

Evans would continue:

“She is ungrateful and it’s all very unfortunate. She ruined a good opportunity for many women, not just me. Everyone is suffering the consequences of a very selfish person. If you have questions, go watch my YouTube video where I address the undoing of the podcast. At the end of the day, my contract proves I was a producer as I’ve said all along.”

In April, Devan would state that she was skeptical about the collaboration due to Evan’s “checkered past”. 



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