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Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Launches New Podcast

Jenelle Evans new podcast The Jenelle Evans Podcast, has just launched.

Jenelle’s been talking about doing a podcast for some time now and it looks like that time is finally here.

Her premiere episode was named Daddy Issues and was about her estranged father.

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Fans are well aware of her rocky relationship with her Mom, Barbara.  However, there isn’t a whole lot that’s known about her Dad.

Evans would cover the household drama that came with a father who moved out of the family home when she was young.

“He actually moved in with his mother, my grandmother, and from there. I mean, he just lived there, and we would have visitation with him over the years and when I was 12.”

She also went into domestic abuse incidents:

“There was a lot of domestic abuse. I don’t remember any of it because I was so young, but I know that my brother and sister, they remember some stuff.”

Evans also elaborated on her father’s addiction to alcohol and cocaine.  As well as the fact that she hasn’t communicated with her father in years.



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