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Teen Mom: Javi Marroquin appears in Kail Lowry video

Everyone’s favorite Teen Mom is back in the news, and this time It involves her and the wonderful Javi Marroquin.
In a recent video for her son Lincoln’s championship football game, fans spotted a coach who looks very similar to Javi Marroquin.

Credit Kail’s IG

“They worked so hard this season & I absolutely love watching him and these kids play with so much heart!
“Thanks to all the parents and coaches for a great season! Let’s go EAGLES!6h”
Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot Javi in the background. It should be noted that Javi is one of his coaches.
Nevertheless, this is a bit bizzarre considering Kail and Javi do not have good blood between one another.
This past October, Kail accused Javi of trying to have sex with her in a Wawa parking lot while Javi’s current ex Lauren was at home with their son Eli.
“He pulled into the Wawa parking lot when I was getting gas… He opened the door and was like, ‘I want to f**k you plain and simple.’
Kail also has text messages of him trying to meet up “anytime” in Dover.
Lauren would end things with the class act known as Javi, as well as move out into her own home after his little cheating scandal.
Kail would remark to Javi’s horndog methods:
“So you’re willing to come to Middletown to f**k me but you won’t come here to get your son? Only if it benefits you in a sexual way.”
I mean…Javi and Kail are complete disasters, there’s no denying that. But if Javi is one of Lincoln’s coaches for football, he’s clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. Only time will tell.



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