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Teen Mom: Jade Cline on her Surgery

The Star opened up about the big process

In a recent interview with TooFab, Teen Mom 2 star, Jade Cline opened up about her surgery as well as other topics to look out for with the upcoming season.
Jade opened up about her recent Brazilian Butt Lift surgery from the prestigious Doctor Chang. She stated that he did a fantastic job, but the road to recovery was a tough one. Jade would begin her recovery in Miami and then relocate to Orlando with Briana and her family. She also stated that it was tough with her daughter Kloie, but she remained focused, stuck to her routine, and eventually prospered from the recovery.

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TooFab also asked about how filming was when it came to COVID-19 and if it had changed much since last year’s filming. Jade stated that things were pretty much the same this year, with the everyday precautions of social distancing and constant testing. Jade also talked about how much of the season was self-shooting in which she was in charge of everything from camera, to lighting and positioning of various shots.
Jade also opened up about how the pandemic forced her to close down her salon. She touched on how it was depressing for her, but that re-opening was very exciting to her: “I mean, it’s my career. It’s something I love to do, and I’m so passionate about. So, I feel like it was so depressing for a long time like being stuck at home. I definitely hated it. I was so excited to go back. I’ve had my salon now for a little over a year, and I’m actually looking to expand in the next few months, which is very exciting.”
In regards to Sean, she stated that she didn’t want to get too much into how things were with him, but that the upcoming season featured a lot of what was going on in their lives. She also touched upon Ashley Jone’s reaction to her being cast for the upcoming season instead of her.
“I really don’t care. I don’t really care about anything else that’s going on with other girls… really. I’m just kind of the person that sticks to my own story, my own life, and my own business.”
When asked about how she saw her future with Teen Mom 2, she stated that she was happy and that she liked being with the franchise.



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