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Teen Mom: Jade Cline Chastised for being a Bad Mom

Jade was given heat for putting Kloie in a car seat poorly

Fans with an eagle eye spotted something alarming on the latest episode of Teen Mom2.
Fans caught a glimpse of Jade driving with Kloie in the backseat. On Reddit, fans were quick to point out that Kloie was not settled correctly into her car seat as her jacket was still on which prevented her from being securely strapped in. Kloie was also facing forward which is advised against. The straps of her car seat were below her shoulders.

Credit The Sun

Fans responded with the following:
“There’s no car safety in this franchise. The girls talk and text while they’re driving, no seatbelts, Jenelle’s road rage incident. So many bad examples you lose count.”
“ Yikes the puffy coat and the straps? And forward facing when she clearly could still be in rear? How many offenses does she need to make?
“She had to try to get it this wrong. It is not hard to get car seats right. You can read like 4 sentences in the install manual, any baby-related website, or even watch a YouTube. You have to try to avoid knowing how to put your kids in safely – like actively avoid it. So either she really did, or she doesn’t care.”
Recently, Jade spoke out about the complications of her recent Brazillian Butt Lift surgery, stating that it was difficult and she was still getting used to everything.
“It was a hard experience, it was a hard journey,”
Jade has yet to respond to the poor seating for Kloie.



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