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Teen Mom: Jade Cline and the relationship with her Mother

Cline commented on their relationship following her surgery

Seems as though the relationship between Jade Cline and her mother Christy is still on extremely rocky waters following her recovery from her Brazillian butt lift.

It’s been clear as day that the road to recovery for Jade has been a rough one.  On top of the concerns regarding recovery, she’s also dealing with some toxic feedback from her parents in regards to her surgery decision.

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Jade went to Brianna DeJesus’s house to unwind and recover, and while she was there she made the executive decision to cut her family out of her life.

Jade would tell Sean that she was “disgusted” by her parents behavior when they were in Florida, which was where she received the plastic surgery.  She also claimed that she was going to take steps to distance herself from them after their actions proved to be erratic.  She would also state that she had blocked her mother’s number and urged Sean to do the same.  On top of that, she said that if her mother goes to her home in Indiana, to call the cops.

Cline would tell the cameras that the whole ordeal was an “eye-opener” for her and said that her parent’s actions were “ridiculous”.  She also claimed that the whole situation was her “breaking point” and that she didn’t want to have “toxic” or “negative” people around her.

In the end, Cline would leave DeJesus’s house earlier to go home to spend time with her daughter. 

Cline would reveal to a friend that she still hasn’t spoken to her mother and that her number is still blocked.



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