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Teen Mom: Gary and Kristina on Amber Portwood’s Walkout

Big Surprise…they ain’t cool with it.

Last week, fan-favorite Amber Portwood stormed offset during the Teen Mom OG reunion. But that didn’t mean the show didn’t go on.
Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina would join Dr. Drew and Nessa for Part 2 on Tuesday night.
Amber’s issue was that she didn’t think Kristina and Gary were doing enough to help her declining relationship with her daughter Leah (I mean…you did make the executive decision to not go to her birthday).

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Upon sitting down, Kristina was asked about her relationship with Leah.
“Her and I have a wonderful bond, just like my other two daughters, there’s no difference,”
Dr. Drew would then ask if Kristina was aware on how her relationship with Leah could be harmful to Amber.
“Yeah, my oldest daughter has a stepmother and I encourage that relationship…The more people that love her, the more people that take care of her, makes her happy. “Kristina would also talk about how she was offended/hurt by the allegations Amber made towards Gary. Last week Amber would state that Gary made a move on her behind Kristina’s back, claiming she touched her inappropriately.
“She could have came to me personally to discuss those issues. I know Gary didn’t do anything,”
Gray would say that Amber blew up after Gary stated that he took care of Amber for a week and that having her around was like having a teenage daughter.
Gary would state that him saying those things was what set off Amber, to the point where she started chastising them online.
Dr. Drew would also touch upon Amber’s history with depression. Gary would in turn state that she has a history of going through comments about her and that those comments would in turn be extremely hurtful to her (well duh…avoid comments). The comments that would really get to her would be the ones stating that Kristina was a better mom to Leah.
Gary would say the following about Amber’s overall toxicity towards Leah:
“But I think you guys hinted at, I feel as though she is jealous of the relationship Kristina has with Leah, she wants that bond, I don’t know how to say it — could she have a bond with Leah, yes, but it wouldn’t be the same.”



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