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Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham on Chrissy Teigen

Y’all might remember some issues arising between Farrah Abraham and Chrissy Teigen. 

Chrissy landed in some very hot water after she chastised TV personality Courtney Stodden for marrying fifty-year-old Doug Hutchinson when they were sixteen.  Chrissy took it upon herself to belittle her through social media and even went as far as sliding negatively into her DM’s. 

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She wished Courtney would “take a dirt bath” and even encouraged the couple to off themselves.

Courtney…would bring the hugely negative messages to light, which Chrissy would later apologize for.

In 2013, Chrissy would call Farrah a “w***e” for dipping her feet into the adult film industry.  Farrah asked for an apology not only to herself but her twelve-year-old daughter, Sophia.

On the recent podcast episode of Just the Sip, Justin Sylvester asked where Farrah and Chrissy stood:

“I am always open to sitting with someone and apologizing, or confronting the situation and moving forward. Those things are hard. Those things are not easy,”

“That’s a little bit of a let-down for me. If you’re going to say something one way, you need to apologize the same way. But I just know the longer somebody waits to do something, when they claim they’ve already done it…I don’t know what to tell you,”

Farrah appears to be hopeful that one day Chrissy will issue an apology.  If you two ladies read this, put that beef in the rearview mirror.



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