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Teen Mom: Fans want Amber Portwood to Leave the Show

Fans want her to leave to focus on her mental health

Let’s face it, Amber Portwood is a hot mess. Emphasis on the word “mess”.
Amber has been a staple with the Teen Mom franchise for a good amount of time, dating back to Sixteen and Pregnant. She’s been known to carry drama wherever she goes from beginning to end. In the most recent season, her relationship with Gary and her daughter Leah has proven to be disastrous.
Fans have wanted the termination of Amber for years. Way back in 2012 when she was arrested for drug charges. Amber spent two years in prison for that charge. She had various other incidents following that charge, but her most infamous was her machete-wielding incident with Andrew Glennon.
Yeah…she’s a complete mess. Hell…she’s a god-forsaken disaster.
In 2017, Amber revealed that she had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.
Reddit took her illness into account and has since come to the notion that her being a public figure can’t be aiding her overall mental health.
One commenter pointed out that watching an edited version of her life play out on television, probably does not help her manage her illness and that they would be more manageable if she wasn’t a public figure.
The following is a post from Reddit:


Fans on Reddit appear to be torn on if Amber’s even a good person. A fair amount believes that it all has to do with her mental health issues, while an even broader amount believes she’s a bad person to the very core. The most obvious piece of evidence here is her diminishing relationship with her daughter Leah.
A lot of fans don’t think a departure for Amber is in the cards considering the show is the only thing she has going for her (various other moms have podcasts and other sources of income). Due to this fact, fans believe she’ll be on the program for quite a while.
Regardless, it’s nice to see that fans are considering Amber’s mental health despite her hazardous track record. Hopefully, she takes notice of this and attempts to better her life as well as her family.



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