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Teen Mom Family Ruiner

Jade Cline’s mom, Christy Smith thinks the show Teen Mom, ruined their family’s life.

During the Teen Mom Reunion, Christy stated that she believed the show ‘ruined’ her family and expressed regret over agreeing to film for the show. 

Credit MTV

Jade’s storyline for the past season involved her getting her Brazillian Butt Lift because she was so unhappy with how she’d looked.  She strongly believed that she’d have her mother by her side during her recovery, but things went south fast AF, when Christy dipped out on bringing her medication.  Her excuse at the time was because she couldn’t find the painkillers at the pharmacy…

Jade and her man Sean, had concerns over Christy because she had a history of addiction issues. 

During the reunion, Christy was confronted again about the whole prescription fiasco.  Christy would re-state that it was because she couldn’t find the correct painkillers at any of the pharmacies.  The host would then ask Christy why she didn’t pick up the med’s during the surgery.  Christy would state that she received the prescription after Jade’s surgery. 

The host would continue to question her about when she received the prescription.  And…eventually, she broke and revealed she got it before the surgery.

Stop.  The.  Presses.

Christy’s refused to share any reason saying it wasn’t going to serve any purpose at this point.

(aside from the point that you kinda suck)

Fans were quick to snap back or slap-back (whichever you’d prefer) to Christy stating the show ruined her family:

“Christy, did television or drugs ruin your family? #TeenMom2.”

“Christy honey, your family was ruined way before this show. The show just shines a light on the issues. #TeenMom2.”

“Christy is the living worst… and you can tell her I said it. WE ARE TIRED. #TeenMom2,”

Wellp…there you have it, folks, the Teen Mom Universe thinks you suck Christy.  Welcome to the world of reality TV.



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