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Teen Mom: Cole has a tattoo of himself proposing to Chelsea

Cole Deboer got a new tattoo on his wrist, and it depicts the moment he proposed to Chelsea Houska.

Over the weekend Cole and Chelsea spent time in Nashville with KT Smith, KT is the wife of country singer Morgan Wallen.

KT wrote the following on their Snap:

“Cole has a tattoo of him proposing to Chels.”

Credit Instagram

That tattoo depicts Cole on one knee as Chelsea accepted his proposal.  Aubree (11) can be seen between the couple.

Fans, of course, reacted to the tattoo:

“This would have been a cute tattoo without all of the trees and better detail in the faces!”

“this is screams co-dependency. does cole have a personality besides being with chelsea? Ew.”

“The sentiment is sweet, but it’s aged so badly. I’m wondering if his tattoo artist at least tried to talk him out of the placement.”

Fans were also quick to share their negative reactions to Chelsea and KT’s relationship.  Back in February, a video hit the web that showed Morgan using racial slurs and yelling profanities.

“Chelsea and company associates themselves with racist scumbags?! I can not believe it.”

“Ewww I don’t hang out with racists so I can’t relate to this at all.”

“Oof, supporting Morgan Wallen?”

Chelsea and Cole documented their crazy weekend through their social media feeds.  Everything from Cole dancing on a stripper pole in their limo to J-Kwon’s “Tipsy”, to Chelsea struggling to get her long hair out of a ponytail.



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