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Teen Mom: Chris Lopez thinks Kail is Ungrateful

Chris Lopez threw a bit of shade at Kail Lowry.

It’s clear as day that Chris and Kail hate one another despite sharing Lux and Creed.  The two have been insulting and backhanding one another blatantly and subtly for a good amount of time.

Credit Instagram

Most recently Kail called out Chris for not celebrating Mothers Day when she celebrated Fathers Day for him. 

“Most years, they don’t even wish me a happy Mother’s Day. So, sometimes I’m just like, ‘F*** it, I’m not Adoing s**t.’”

“Another part of me is like, ‘No, do the gift and the card from the kids.’”

She also grew irate with him when he mumbled throughout his entire guest appearance on her podcast, to the point where it was rendered unusable.

Most recently, Chris took to IG to post a pic of himself wearing a Goosebumps shirt and a red cap, with the following note:

“I don’t care what anyone says. Good people get tired of being good to ungrateful people!”

The post did have Moneybagg Yo’s if Pain was a Person as the song to coincide with the photo:

“I know you obsessed with me and I get it,” the song went. “Stay in yo’ lane and stay out my business (over there).”

“Quick and sh*t, makin’ assumptions. Next think you know, you judgin’… what about the truth? It’s two sides to this s**t.”

The two most recently got into an argument that was seen through Kail’s dash-cam.  In the footage, Chris can be seen rummaging through Kail’s belongings before trash-talking the producers of Teen Mom.  All while, Kail, wails, and screams for Chris to get out of her car. 

Doesn’t look like things will be smoothing out between these two anytime soon.



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